This is where it all began. Growing from a tiny stand in Long Beach to successful string of eateries throughout Southern California, what made us great in the first place has only gotten better throughout the years—and that's the food. We still make it from scratch using only the finest—quality ingredients, and we still serve it up with a smile. It's like we somehow never managed to leave the good ol' days behind, and you can taste it in every omelette, burger, bowl of chili, onion ring, piece of pie, and, well, you get the picture.

Picking up culinary inspiration from some of the best barbeque shacks in the South, we developed a thriving concept around "Serving the Best Bar-B-Que with the Finest Southern Hospitality." And it wasn't long before folks declared it a saucy success. Of course, even the best barbeque tastes a little better with some live blues to go along with it, which is why no visit to Lucille's is complete without a stopover at the Flying Pig Lounge for some southern libations and foot stomping fun.

Saint & Second sits on land that's close to our heart. We opened our first restaurant on this spot more than sixty years ago, and three generations of our family have loved it ever since. This concept brings to life all the craft and quality we want to share with our home town: a chef-inspired, come-as-you-are destination with creative, locally-sourced seasonal cuisine, organic cocktails, hundreds of curated whiskies, works by California artists and a spirit of community and hospitality. Welcome to your new corner hangout. It's been decades in the making.